Barak Luchtenstein עורך דין ברק לוכטנשטיין

Barak Luchtenstein

Barak Luchtenstein Partner Barak was born in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and moved to Israel at the ripe old age of one.  Since then, more than

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Avi Levy עורך דין אבי לוי

Avi Levi

Avi Levy Partner As a father of two whose motto is “love your work – it’s your life,” it’s no surprise Avi wishes he could

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Ronen Wiseman עורך דין רונן וייסמן

Ronen Wiseman

Ronen Wiseman Partner Ronen seamlessly blends in with every client team, thanks to a broad and deep understanding of his clients’ needs.  An ideal lawyer

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Muriel Shachar עורכת דין מוריאל שחר

Muriel Shachar

Muriel Shachar Partner Without departing from Old European manners, Muriel’s legal skills speak volumes.  Her specialist expertise in the diverse, yet complementary, fields of commercial

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Anat Ben-Shitrit עורכת דין ענת בן שיטרית

Anat Ben-Shitrit

Anat Ben-Shitrit Partner With a commitment to dedication and hard work, it’s no wonder that Anat sometimes wishes she could duplicate herself.  We’re sure her

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Bat-Sheva Austin עורכת דין בת שבע אוסטין

Bat-Sheva Austin

Bat-Sheva Austin Associate A Legal sensation on three continents, Bat-Sheva is an international lawyer of both mystery and acclaim, bringing her infectiously positive attitude to

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Ofer Efrat עורך דין עופר אפרת

Ofer Efrat

Ofer Efrat Associate Sports fanatic Ofer brings a gutsy, go-for-it attitude to all his work in civil litigation.  Driven by the philosophy that “cheap can

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Lior Shmuel עורך דין ליאור שמואל

Lior Shmuel

Lior Shmuel Associate a runner and cyclist, it’s no surprise that Lior believes the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why clients

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Daniel Pasternak - עורך דין דניאל פסטרנק

Daniel Pasternak

Daniel Pasternak Associate How’s it going, Daniel? “Sababa!”  Daniel is always ready to tackle a wide range of real estate projects with nothing more than

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Ronen Hayon עורך דין רונן חיון

Ronen Hayon

Ronen Hayon Associate If LLW & Co. were a museum, Ronen would be your enthusiastic tour guide, helping clients navigate every aspect of real estate

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Ron Peri עורך דין רון פרי

Ron Peri

Ron Peri Associate Bringing an international flavor to the LLW & Co. offices, Ron hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. As a former valued intern in

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Hanan Salinger עורך דין חנן זלינגר

Hanan Salinger

Hanan Salinger OF Councel Avid tennis player with a tendency to speak in sports metaphors, Hanan serves up years of experience in all aspects of

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Olga Birstein

Olga Birstein Associate When your moto is “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, the only way is up.  The question

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Idan Porat

Idan Porat Associate If you are looking for an example of what the new generations of lawyers bring to our office, Idan is an example.

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